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During the second week, we stayed in the
Penobscot Bay/Mt. Desert area.


Sat. July 3. Dick and Bob got away early on Sat. Jess and Dave sailed up to Islesboro (A) with a light land breeze. This was good sailing in smooth water; off soundings and, therefore, relatively free of lobster pots. We tried to heave-to (not very successfully) for lunch near Crow Cove on Islesboro. Sailed back to Rockland (B) to pick up Scott. To the town dock for water, ice, mooring and shower. Scott arrived about 8:30 pm. 

Sun. July 4. Motor sailed through Fox Isle Thorofare to McGlathery Island in Merchants Row (C). Anchored between McGlathery (E) and Round Is. Scott and Jess fished. Later, we saw (right over our boat) aerial combat between a bald eagle and an osprey. The stars served nicely as 4th of July fireworks. 

Mon. July 5. Sailed to Frenchboro (F). Scott and Dave hiked to the museum and then to "Pebble Beach". Lobster, fish chowder, corn, clams and ice cream for dinner. 30 ft Nonsuch with 3 sailing dinghies, kayak, and teenagers aboard. Name of Nonsuch - Ursa; name of dinghy - Ursa Minor. 

Tuesday, July 6. Sailed down Blue Hill Bay (G) trolling. Then into Northeast Harbor (H) so Scott could eat more lobster. 

Wednesday July 7. Sailed and motored to Mackerel Cove near Casco Passage and anchored for lunch and fishing. I was trying to keep the fishing line away from a lobster buoy while raising the mainsail. We created a small tear in the sail because I was not attending to the two bottom slugs that did not go up the track unassisted. Tear below second reef point so sailed back to NE Harbor with main reefed. Spotted bald eagles at Mackerel Cove and over Bass Harbor Light.

Thursday, July 8. Away from Northeast Harbor at 9 am. Sailed past Frenchboro and down Toothacher Bay. Motor sailed through Merchant's Row. Dodged rainstorms on east and west end of Fox Isle Thorofare. Sailed to Camden. Scott at wheel during gusts from clouds; rail in water. Arrived in Camden and tied up to float at 6:30 pm with 53.1 nm on log. According to GPS, 33 nm as crow flies.

Friday, July 9. Into Camden for breakfast and supplies while Johanson worked on sail and head. Later, sailed in strong wind and whitecaps through Laury's Narrows to Hurricane Sound and Long Cove (D). Anchored outside. Too many lobster pots and not enough free space for us in the cove. A peaceful anchorage.

Sat., July 10. Dense fog until 10-11 am. We exited the Sound through Leadbetter Narrows, a pass closer to the anchorage. Sailed around Penobscot Bay until time to return to Camden. Jess treated Dave and Scott to dinner. Spent the evening packing and cleaning.

Sun., July 11. Breakfast in town. Taxi to Rockland airport.

mcglatherym.gif (29902 bytes)  long_covem.gif (44049 bytes)

Left: Chart of anchorage at McGlathery Is.
Right: Chart of anchorage at Long Cove.