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Day 6 - Friday

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Route - Seal Bay to Camden via Fox Isles Thorofare

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    Small whitecaps in Seal Bay. Gale warnings for offshore with 25-35 knot winds and 6-9 ft seas forecast for coastal waters. Sailed and motored to North Haven with partial jib (no main). Our destination for the day was Camden because Bob and Dick were leaving early Sat. am. We picked up a vacant mooring in North Haven waiting for winds to die a little. Sailed out into Penobscot Bay toward Camden with about 80% of jib unfurled. Winds increased as thunderstorms passed onshore. Reduced jib to about 9 sq ft and were moving at 4.7 knots. Avoided the rain until we were almost in Camden but entered harbor in hard rain. Found our "slip" (a float) next to "Maine", a Bay Limo. Wayfarer Marine had a "bash" to celebrate their new travel lift. Bob obtained 4 invitations, so we had dinner there. Afterwards went into Camden for coffee and to the bookstore.