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Day 2

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Monday, June 28 - Frenchboro to Mistake Island Harbor anchorage

Route Day 2 and chart with details of entrance to anchorage

From Dave's journal:

Away from Frenchboro mooring @ 8:45 am in dense fog. Sailed to Mistake Island anchorage. Arrived around 5 pm, still in dense fog. We had nice winds, maintaining a speed of 6-7 knots most of the day. Tricky entrance into anchorage since visibility was zero. "Radar Roemer" was the only one who saw anything. Later Bob said that as we were coming into the anchorage he "was afraid to fart because it might throw us off course".

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From: A Cruising Guide to the MAINE COAST By Hank and Jan Taft

"One of the most beautiful harbors in Maine is hidden away among the ledges
behind Mistake and Knight islands. Once inside you are surrounded by pink and
white granite shoreline, protected from the ocean swells that crash on the rocks
only a few hundred yards away. Over this tranquil scene of natural beauty stands
Moose Peak Light. You may be lulled to sleep by its sonorous double note."

Our View

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