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Day 1 - Sunday, June 27 

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From Camden around northern tip of Northhaven, through Merchant's Row and Toothacher Bay to Frenchboro (Long Island).

Route Day 1

day1_route.gif (139786 bytes)    

From Dave's Journal:

Jess and Bob into town to replace medicine removed from Jess' baggage. Away from dock @ 9:55 and sailed around the northern end of NorthHaven through Merchant's Row and Toothacher Bay to Frenchboro. Lobster not available! but no charge for mooring. Five other boats there: two from Canada - one Hallberg Rassy, one canoe stern with external rudder

neighborpm.jpg (70235 bytes)  

Our neighbor on the adjacent mooring on the afternoon we arrived in Frenchboro.

neighboram.jpg (16809 bytes)

Our neighbor the next morning.